Bajan Dialect - * BARBADIAN AUTHORS (224)

Adams, Alwin - Notes of a Native Governor General: Memoirs of Sir Elliott Belgrave
Alleyne, Annette
- Ronesha Wants to Dance
Alleyne, Chris - Into the Light
Alleyne, Sir George- Health and Development in Our Time
Andwele, Adisa - Antiquity
Applewhite, Angela - Torn; Twist of Fate
Armstrong, Thomas Of water and Rock;   The Out Man
Atherley, Wendy Algernon - God's Pathway to Eternal Prosperity.
Austin, Christal - Igniting the Fire Within
Babb, Astra (See Ives-Babb)
Bannister, Dr. Lance - The Talking Tree
Batson, Paul- Beyond Paradox
Beckles, Sir Hilary- A History of Barbados;   Saving Souls The First Black Slave Society;   Britain's Black Debt;   Liberties Lost  Centering Woman  Caribbean Freedom.
Belgrave, Secreta - Growing up in Barbados
Bennett, Shirley - Poems From The Heart
Best, Elizabeth - Barbed Wire and Roses
Best, Tino - Mind the Windows
Blackman, Francis "Woodie" - Dame Nita
Bourne, Shakira - In Time of Need ck Blues;    Journey through Jailhouse Jeopardy
Browne, Sandra Dr. - Lottie the Blackbelly Lamb
Browne, Stacia. A- The Dream To Reality
Browne-Ellis, Alison - Life's Lessons
Burton, Sir Carlisle - The Shuffler's Tale
Callender-Taylor, Delores (Canada) - Unleashed Soul ;   God, Where Is my Husband?;    Husband and Wife Book of Prayer
Callender, Wendell - Tools for Life   Prime Ministers of Barbados;   Many Sides of Barbados   A Handbook on Leadership;    Fifty for Fifty (50 community leaders)   Modern Icons of Barbados;    Handbook on Event Planning and Promotion; Lyrical Rendezvous Caribbean Intrigue Rt. Hon. Owen Seymour Arthur: Against the Odds; Living Black in Barbados; Politics - Heights and Valleys;
Carter, Anthony (Mighty Gabby)- The Anthonyology: life Volume 1
Carter, Dr. Dan - The History of Society School;     A Short History of the Ministry of Education of Barbados.
Carter, Henderson -Business in Bim
Carter, Maria M - Under the Juniper Tree
Catwell, Dr. Sylvan - The Development and Impact of St. Andrews Parish Church
Cave, Daria - The Remarkable Ones (icons of Barbados)
Chandler, John - Hotel Barbados
Charles, Denise J - Your baby Is Coming - Now Push (motivational - from conception of an idea to actuality);      How to Have Mind Blowing Sex.  Journey of the Butterfly;
Chase, Barbara - The Silent Killer;     Who Gabby Think he is?
Chase, Curtis - Unbelievable
Clarke, Austin (Canada)- The Polished Hoe (Giller Prize Winner);      The Origin of Waves;    Growing up Stupid  Under the Union Jack;       The Prime Minister;        Survivors of the Crossing;Proud Empires;      Among Thistles and Thorns;    and more...
Clarke, Bev(based in Toronto) - Born in the Briar Patch;    Just One Handful of Snow;    Black Pearls;    Under the Flowering Flamboyants;     The Second Heartbeat.
Clarke, BP Nostalgia - Memories Old and New (poetry)
Clarke, Trevor  C - My fourth Job - a Memoir
Cole, Heather - Backdoor to the Sea (Novel)
Cole, Jason - Learning To Surf;   Cricket Is My Game;     Me and Max;   Butterflies,Beatles, Bees and Blues; (chldren's books)
Collymore, Frank - Barbadian Dialect
Comissiong, David- Marching Down the Wide Streets of Tomorrow
Corbin, Gaynelle - Returning to my First Love
Cox, Jeffrey Dec. - A Call from the Burning Bush
Cummins, Alvin - The Royal Palms Are Dying
Cyrus, Sybil - The Blessings Came Down
Daisley, Liesel - The Adventures of Lisbeth (children's book)

Davis, E. Jerome - From Bajan To Standard English;     Understanding Bajan Dialect for Tourists and Visitors to Barbados;     Morals and Values for Living     Essential Words and Meanings; 101 Letters to the Editor; Blades Hill Nostalgia ( The Good Ole Days)

De Peiza, Dennis - Issues and Responses (Trade Union Movement)
Downer, Enrico - His Father's Footstep   The Lure of America;    There Once  was a Little England
Durant, Ruth - A Rise To Power ;
Durant, Suzanne - Dark Energy; Her Own Daughter; Perfect Nightmare
Earle, Maureen - Rescue Me
Eastmond, Rawle - Helen's Hound;   Yard Fowl;   Unshackled;     Beach Bum  Woman
Edey, Walter - Sweet Dumplings and Saltfish Stew
Edwards, Grantley - Return to Glory (West Indies Cricket)
Elliott, Kathy(USA) - Marriage Separation Divorce (motivational poems)
Evans, Zoanne In the Shade of the Shak Shak (prose & poetry)
Every, Donna - The Price of Freedom   Vaucluse;     The High Road  Free at Last;    Free in the City  Return to the Acreage
Farrell, Winston - Barefoot on Ice
Fields, Reynold C - The First Kill
Forde, Addinton - Nick Names of Barbados;    De Mortar Pestle;     1937 Riots of Barbados;      Ossie Moore;     Kites;     The St. Philip Book.
Forde, Charmaine, J - Over in Away
Foster, Cecil - Independence;     No Man in the House
Foster, Gina- Sweet Bajan Days
Fraser, Prof. Henry Illustrious West Indians - 1992 - 2009;
Garvey, Vickey - A Place callled Forgiveness
Gash, Katy - Sticks And Stones (children's book on Aids);  Joe and Sue - the Alphabet Adventure;  Morning Devotions for Busy Women of Faith.
Gibbs, Sundiata - The Christmas Eve Crisis
Gibson, Robert R. - Erotic (passion poetry)
Gilkes, Carol - Winds of Change
Gilkes, Frank and Carol - Sea Water and Sand (poems)
Gilkes, Natalie - A Bajan Christmas
Gittens, William A - The Linkages of Culture; The Green Monkey and Sparrow; The Children of Immigrants; Mia the Leader (and More)
Goddard, John - In God's Service: The Boy from College Savannah
Graham & Metzgen - Caribbean Wars Untold
Grant, Margaret & Walters, Shauntee - Entering Secondary School
Gray, Rachelle J - Kingstown Burning
Grazette, Shadea K - Grow & Glow: A Self-love Journal for Teen Girls

Greenidge, Cheryl - Word Building for Infants;      Grammar Made Easy for Infants (Books 1,2,3 and 4);      A Spelling and Reading Aid for Beginners; Number Bonds;      First Steps to Mathematics   Second Steps to Mathematics; Third Steps to Mathematics

Greenidge, Desriel
-  see Lady L Lyn.X
Greenidge,Morris - Holetown Barbados- Settlement Revisted;      Bridgetown Barbados- A Walking Tour
Griffith, Kenneth - Make Today Yours
Griffith, La Shawna : R.O.G.U.E ; Unlock the Door; Release the Energy Within (poetry)
Harding, Adrian - Second Touch
Harewood, Cheryl- Tots 2 Teens (book of prayers)
Harewood, Rev. Dr. Mark- Working at Marriage - A Practical Approach
Harrison, Kemmerick - Belly Laugh and Brain Teaser;   Jokes and More jokes;   Love Has no Boundaries.
Haynes-Elcock, Cheryl- Timmy the Turtle;  A Cry for Summer
Haynes, Pamela R -  Loving the Brothers (Domestic abuse);
Herbert, Angela - A Short Holiday
Hinds, Jacqueline- Facets - Fine Art
Hinds, Patricia - The Good Sense Handbook
Holder, Jean.S - The Rt. Excellent Errol Walton Barrow
Hope, Dr. Chamberlain - Love and Grief During War and Riots.
Hope-Fraser, Anouche - Yesterday was a Woman.
Hoyos, Sir Alexander - Barbados Our Island Home;      Barbados - From Amerindians to Independence;      Builders of Barbados
Hoyte, Harold- Wunna Like Dah Nuh;      How To Be A Bajan;      Eyewitness to Order and Disorder; Political Warriors
Hunte, Eleane - The Unsung Nightengales - Nursing in Barbados 1844-2000.
Hunte, Philip O - A View from the Valley (A Collection of Letters);    The Seven O'clock Bell;  A Happy Marriage;
Hutchinson, Isabel - Friday's Girl-Child (Autobiography - A Nurse's Story)
Ifill, Kareem -
The Neo Humans (Fantasy and Fiction)
Imoja, Nailah Folami - Colour Blind; Pick of the Crop
Inniss, W. Leroy - Civics for Barbados
Inniss, Sheron- Guiding Stars
Ives-Babb, Astra - Misplaced Desires
James, Trixie - Pain is a Game We all Got to Play
James-Sebro, Dr.Meryl - Genderstanding Jesus: Women in His View
Jemmott, Alvin : This Journey I'm On (Autobiography)
Jemmott, Ralph - An Uncommon Currency;    The Barbados Cultural Renaissance,
Jones - Cherie - How the One-armed Sister Sweeps her House
Jones,Ronald- Quotes and Images of the Rt Excellent Errol Walton Barrow
Jordan, Movelle - Queen of Culpper; Dem Come A-calling
Jordan, Wayne- One Gentle Knight;     To Love a Knight;      Slow Motion;     Embracing Promise me a Dream;     Uncover me;
Joseph, Janelle - Cock Is King
Joyful Faith - Transformation - An 80 Day Journey of Redemption, Renewal and Reformation
Kamigisha, Aaron (Editor) - Beyond Coloniality;    Caribbean Political Thought - Theories of the Post Colonial State
Kellman, Nicole - The Animal Kingdom
King, Kimisha - Journey to Thirty
Knight, Angela - The Role of Women in the Construction Industry
Knight, Margaret - Ginger Lily    The Healing Tree (a novel );     From London to Illaro Court (David Thompson)
Lady L Lyn .X (Desriel Greenidge) - Kishin to Monsters; Burning the Mirror's Image
Lambert, Lisa - A Few Secrets (a novel)
Lamming, George- In the Castle of My Skin;     The Emigrants
Larrier, Buddy- Pride and Unity
Lashley, Felicia - Five Dead Women
Laurie, Peter - The Barbados Rum Shop;     Mauby's Big Adventure (Children's book)
Lawremce, Rommel E Jesus Reveals
Layne, Geraldine- Tracing Ancestors In Barbados
Layne-Clarke, Jeannette- A Villa in Paradise
Leal, Mercedes L - Miracle Code
Lewis, Rodney D - Divided by Design (Historical fiction)
Lord, Karen - Redemption in Indigo;     Unraveling (a novel)
Lovell, Dorothy - This Land is Mine (Short Stories)
Lovell, Glenville - Fire In The Canes;      Song of Night;     Too Beautiful to Die;     Love and Death in Brooklyn
Lucas, Mary- Let's Go Visiting
Maas, Laurens - The Hidden Culture:  The Five Laws of Perfect Health
Maloney, Jasmine - The Pageant ( A reader for reluctant readers)
Marshall, Sharon - Tell My Mother I Gone to Cuba
Marville, Orlando- Children of the Shadows
Massiah, Kerry- A Tropical Holiday
Mayers, Guyson-The Higher Path of Faith
Mayers, Sharon - Fight Dirty, Live Clean
Mayers, Tara O - Kingdom Budgeting for Women
Maynard, Earle - Earl Maynard:The Man Who Ruled the Universe (autobiography)
McClean,Osbert- Thinking Thoughts Verses of Life and Living;     The Adventures Of Poor Francis
Meek, Norma- Minibus Muse;   In my Small Corner;   Watching Out for Mummy;      Pick Sense Outa Dat;      Every Skin Teet Ent A Laugh
Moore, Carl - The Moore The Merrier- Fifty years of letters
Moore, Hamish - Hold the Smut Lamp, Flip the Switch
Morgan, Lynn - Tell the Devil I've Changed my Mind
Mottley, Elton-  Crappeau Pipe and Other stories
Murray, Glyne - Customs to Treasure
Murray, Jessima - Son of Barbados - A Canadian Journey
Nakhuda, Sabir - Bengal to Barbados ( Story of the Coolie man in Barbados)
National Cultural Foundation - Tell Me Lies and Other Barbadian Poems and Short Stories
Newton, Melanie J - Children Of the African Colonies
Norris, Sonia - Open Shame: Open Glory
O'neal,Guy - Drawing the Line
Padmore, Karen- The Sound Of Rain
Parsons, Sophia -  Sophia Rose: Battered to Blooming
Phillips, Esther - The Stone Gatherer (poetry)   When Ground Doves Fly
Phillips, Grenville W - The Administration and Conduct of Corporate Meetings
Phillips, Walter - Brothers Kept Apart
Porter, John - Trouble Tree
Price, Veronica (aka Onoma Chasah) - Closing the Door (on Sexual Abuse)
Ramsay, Kim - Barbados Most Wanted    Murders that Shocked Barbados The Barbados Prison System;
Reifer, Herbert. J - Joy Cometh in the Morning (a gripping novel);     Unshackled ( a gripping novel set on a slave plantation in Bim);      Rich Paupers;
Riley, Nessema - Poems for Life
Rowe, Gillian - But Johnny Didn't Hear Me
Rowe, Julian/ Griffith Karen What Can I Eat? (Lower Your Blood Pressure in 14 Days)
Rudder, Michael- Black Light Rising
Russell, Harold - The Diary of Randy Old Coot
Russell, Dr. Sean - Guilty
Salazar,Lila- Love Child
Sandiford, Robert- Stray Moonbeams;      Sand For Snow;     Great Moves;
Showan, Grace - Born For More    Custosmer Service: Towards Successful Partnerships
Simmons, Dempstu - Feelin' A Way
Simmons, G.L Sydney -Add Black to the Rain Bow;     Strangers in the Village
Simpson, Roberta (Nana)- Nana's Bible Stories;     Tails from the Ark
Skeete, Gregory - Milk Making( children's book);    A Day in the Life of Axel, the Ant.
Smith, Annette (USA) - Etched (fortune of Blacks)
Sparman, Dr. Alfred 1.58 Seconds (life and death excitement);     Switched
Springer, Corey - A Trickle of Sunlight over de Sea
Springer, Kean-Sir Hugh Worrell Springer
Springer, Lloyd - Fatherhood in the Neighbourhood (about fathering)
Springer,Rita- The Caribbean Cook Book- A life Time of Recipes
St. Cyr, Wilmont - Fields of Death
Sten,Lilian - Maya Mends the Moon
Stoute, Dick - The Fear Factor
Stoute, June- Giant African Land Snails
Stuart, Kemar J.D - Alternate Views: Barbados' Economic Road To Republic
Thomas, Ashwell - Industrial Relations
Thompson, Elizabeth - Make Yourself Happy
Thorne, Paul & Andrea - Bajan Classics (Music For Life)
Toppin, Anderson jr. - Rowan's Chronicle
Toppin, TK The Lancaster Rule (a novel); The Master Key   The Eternal Knot;   To Catch a Marlin
Vaughn, Joy Powerful Peolpe, Powerful Lives.
Walcott, Roderic - Murders South of Paradise
Walkes, Anderson - Growing up Bajan (poems and short stories)
Walrond, Olutoye - Westminister's Jewel, The Barbados Story.
Watson, Elizabeth- Mr. Ragga Ragga (RPB)
Ward, Arnold- Sandbox; Call Me King; Knock and Wait
Weekes, Belnando - Time to Write (romantic poetry)
Weekes, Sir Everton & Beckles, Sir Hilary- Mastering the Craft
Weekes, Yvonne- Dark Against the Sky;     Deep in the Blueness of Me
Welch, Stacey and Gabriel - Lily & Luca's Adventure at the Cave
Whitehead, Judy Microeconmics: A Global Text
Wickham, D. Terry - Tears from the Heart; Haunted   Memories Don't Leave;   Matters of the Heart.
Wiggins, Tricia - The Potter's Love: Broken to Beautiful; 
Williams, Rev. Dr. Carlyle - Our Churches - A Holiness Heritage in the Caribbean
Williams, Doriel - Memorable Moments Of Barbados (volumes 1 and 2)
Williams, Dennis - I Feel It Too
Williams, Edison T - Facing North - Tales from Bathsheba    Prickett's Well
Williams, Kenrick - The Passage Of Eden
Williams, Ronald (USA) - Four Saints and an Angel;       A Voice from the Tomb;     The Butterflies' Coat
Wilson, Dr.Cynthia - Same Sea Another Wave;     The Hibiscus Bears a Blue Flower;    Whispering of the Trees
Wilson, Victorine R - No Longer a Prisoner: Born to Win (motivational)
Wiltshire, Cherise - Heart's Cry - a Daily Journey with Christ
Worrell, Corey - Letters to the Nation

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